All As One Building Project

Azania speaks about our urgent need

Every day we have people at our gates asking us to take in an orphaned or abandoned children. We have to turn most of these destitute children away, because we don't have the funds or the space to house them.  In about half of these cases, we are able to help in a lesser way, such as giving the child or their caregiver some kind of assistance - food, clothing, counseling, etc.  But, the need to greatly expand our services is tremendous!

We have a vision for a large child welfare project in Sierra Leone that is designed specifically to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of children and young adults in desperate circumstances.


The time is NOW

All As One currently rents our children’s home facility. Our landlord recently quadrupled our rent far beyond the market norms, simply because he wants more money. Since we cannot agree to his exorbitant demand – which far exceeds market rates and would rob our children of the services they need – he has evicted us as of December 2014. We are currently still in the rental facility, but need to move out as soon as possible. Thanks to the foresight of visionary board and staff leaders and generous contributors, All As One is uniquely positioned to resolve this situation.

In 2008, All As One purchased a plot of land in Grafton, Sierra Leone, just on the outskirts of Freetown, with an eye toward one day building our own Children’s Center. Now fully owned by All As One, this land will eventually enable us to realize our long-range plan to build an new, larger Children Center, a larger school/ vocational training center, and a new medical clinic/hospital. Also, the new land is located in an area of great need in Sierra Leone, where a large percentage of the population is war-wounded or disabled.

We are closer than ever to being able to build a new, expanded Children’s Center on land we already own!


If we wait too long our children will have no place to go

As you can see, we are at a critical juncture: the children we serve have nowhere else to go and face dire consequences if they don’t have a new home when we are forced to leave our current, rented space. Yet, we also have an unparalleled opportunity to enhance and expand our capacity to serve the children of Sierra Leone.  NOW is the time we need to act to get the new home built as soon as possible! 

All As One envisions a new, modern complex of buildings appropriate to the climate and conditions in Sierra Leone. We plan to have a clinic with medical equipment and supplies that are not routinely found in Sierra Leone, and medical professionals coming from abroad to train Sierra Leone’s nurses and doctors so that more lives can be saved. In total, we anticipate constructing 10-15 new buildings, with room for further expansion over time, and as funds are available.  If you would like a copy of our full building proposal, please contact us at:  We'll be happy to share it with you!


Let's work together to create a lasting legacy for future generations

Every day, we see the tremendous needs among our children…and we see the tremendous possibilities as well. We never cease to be amazed at how little it takes to radically transform the life of a child!

You can keep All As One’s doors open and create a lasting legacy for thousands more children in Sierra Leone by making a generous contribution toward building the proposed new Children’s Center. Will you join us?