Holiday Wishlist


This year's Holiday Wishlist Fund Drive is for an annual refurbishment of our All As One Academy (educating 250 children from the Center and surrounding community), as well as providing our 20 junior and senior secondary students with school supplies, uniforms, and books. We also have needs for the Children’s Center and the 40 kids living onsite, for dinnerware, large cooking stoves, towels, sheets, mattresses, beds, and a new gate. Help us give these beautiful children a wonderful place to learn, live and thrive!


To raise $6,000 for the All As One Academy, to enhance their educational environment, and $9,000 for the Children's Center, for essentials. Inflation is off the charts in Sierra Leone right now, but these costs are our best estimates at the moment...

•  $25 will provide a child with a new pair of shoes.
•  $40 will provide a school chair for an All As One student.
•  $55 will provide a school desk for an All As One student.
•  $80 will provide one child with new clothes AND shoes.
•  $100 will provide a mattress or large food storage container.
•  $300 will provide a small cooking stove or a classroom whiteboard.
•  $500 will provide a large industrial cooking stove. (We need two.)
•  $500 will allow us to repaint the Children's Center.
•  $700 will provide new clothes for all the kids for Christmas.
•  $1,000 will provide all new utensils and dinnerware.
•  $6,000 will allow us to rebuild the wall and put in a new gate. (This is a HIGH priority.)
•  $6,000 will provide new desks and chairs in the All As One Academy. (Our student population has grown to 250, and new furniture is needed.)

Any funds raised in excess of our $15,000 goal will be used for food, shelter, and education for the kids.