Join Our Family


Our funding has taken a big hit over the past year, and we need your help to keep the orphans off the streets. There are no government programs in Sierra Leone to help these destitute children, so they have nowhere else to go. New monthly donors are essential to rescuing these children and providing them with a caring family of support. 



A monthly donation of...

  • $5  provides one child with pencils, chalk, paper & other school supplies.
  • $10  provides one child with adequate clothing & shoes.
  • $15  provides two children with preventative medical care.
  • $30  provides one child with a home & a warm bed.
  • $40  provides one child with an accredited-school education.
  • $50  provides one child with three meals a day.
  • $100  provides two children with three meals a day.
  • $150  provides one child with complete care & an education.
  • $300  provides complete care for two children.
  • $500  provides high school fees for three children for one school term.
  • $1150  provides complete care for ten children.


All As One was created to rescue orphaned or abandoned African children, who desperately need a home, food, medical care, education and love. Since 2000, we’ve been working in Sierra Leone. We provide around-the-clock care for the children, run an accredited school, and have a professionally-staffed medical clinic that sees to the children’s needs. With our current budget, we are able to care for and educate 100 children, giving them the very best chance at having hope for the future. You can learn more about our work by clicking here.

Time is of the essence, to ensure the children do not suffer any further hardship. Please join our family now...